Simple Digg like pagination solution with JQuery for Umbraco XSLTs



I wanted to implement Digg like pagination in one of my recent project with Umbraco XSLT lists and I have done it using the pretty JQuery plugin available here

Please note that its not an SEO friendly solution since the pagination is completely relied on JQuery and will not be available if the JavaScript is turned off.. as an alternative for search engines/no-javascript browsers I have added a simple Next Previous navigation inside a <noscript> tag..


  1. Download and include the jquery.pagination.js and pagination.css in your template
  2. Open jquery.pagination.js and comment line 123 ( //$(‘a’, fragment).click(eventHandler); ) .. Alternatively you can download the altered JQuery plugin from here.
  3. Follow the code sample below or download the XSLT sample- comments are added in each line. If you have any doubts let me know through the comments


Tips in Choosing the Best Heater for the Winter

The best heater for the cold months is safe and efficient. It’s easily said but very challenging when it comes to purchasing for the right one.  Hence, the Heater Hobby is here to give you assistance for this purpose.  The safest and the most energy-efficient heating solutions must be your first choice. But the problem is, you are not well educated about heaters and heating system that have sincere features for your needs.  Take these tips to make sure that you are on the right track of making the most credible choice that will keep everyone in the family warm and safe.

Learn More About Portable and Space Heaters

Since using parable heaters or space heaters is the most popular trend for heating solutions for they are the quickest way of injecting a hot climate to your icy room, they should get your best attention. You need to invest for the good one to stay warm throughout the winter when you are indoors.  Educate yourself about this heating stuff so you won’t be left behind. Read reviews, manuals, and credible posts about the products and ask professionals about their efficiency.

Educate Yourself on the Possible Hazards of  Heating Solutions

Make it sure that your chosen heater has tip-over automatic shut-off to make sure that it won’t cause fire when tipped.  Also, see to it that your heater has an overheat shut-off to ensure that you are safe from fire hazards.  With this, it is extremely important to check the best features of the product or brand before buying it in order not to regret your choice or to avoid an accident in the future. It’s better to be this vigilant than not doing any precaution at all.

Be Certain of Where to Plug Your Heater Safely

Be a safe-savvy user.  Using a heater means that you are using a home appliance which uses bucket loads of energy.  Make it sure to plug your heater into a safe spot at home that won’t make you rely too much on extension cords or else you will miss your whole house due to fire caused by cheap power cables and faulty wiring, or short circuit. Avoid this to happen. Don’t be shy to consult an electrician about this matter.  Bottom line is, don’t overwhelm your heater by sharing the outlet of your heater with other home appliance.  Don’t overload your circuit to avoid fire trouble or else you will lose everything, not just your investment. It’s better to be this careful than to take the risk of being reckless.

Learn the Heater Types and Brands

Remember not to sacrifice quality over the price. Choose the high-grade heater over the cheap and defective ones. Think of safety rather than your savings.  Choose the ideal heater for your home. Remember, your safety is an important subject here and money is just a second concern. Since you need it the most, always choose the product with the best quality than choosing the inferior ones. Your choice of a heater should be worth the investment.

Watch this video and learn more winter heating tips.

Your choice of a heating system should not mean you are turning money into ashes. Be an intelligent buyer and a wise consumer. This will make a big difference.

The Worst Games of All Time

For every Mario 64 that we all enjoy, there’s a thousand crappy games that’s released.

Some games didn’t even try. You know what I mean?

Like, “Hey! I have an idea for the game that we will create, let’s create 52 shitty games about nothing then release it with a price of $199”. That’s what the creators of Action 52 thought.

So, here are the list of the worst games ever.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Nintendo NES


I’ll give you 5 bucks if you finish this game without cursing.

This is one of the worst games ever because of the boring storyline, nonsense gameplay and super bad hit detection.

You can’t hit anything except a bee when you’re playing as Dr. Jekyll. Yes. A puny little bee. Try it out. There are emulators now so you don’t have any problems getting the cartridge.

Big Rigs – PC

Oh. My. God.

This game. This game just sucks! Yeah, it looks cool driving your own truck. But no, I promise you. When you play this game, all hell on earth will break loose. Little to no collision detection, monotone sound, enemies that don’t move, faster speeds when in reverse and gravity defying moves.

E.T – Atari

The Granddaddy of all bad games. This one is one of the worst, if not the worst game of all time.

Pathetic graphics that barely looks like E.T, stupid gameplay and countless glitches. Atari even buried the rest of the copies of this game in the New Mexico landfill. That’s how much it sucked.


You want some good games to play? Try out Tree of Savior, Halo, DMC, anything just not these games! When does Tree of Savior release? Check out by clicking on the link.


Thanks for reading and see you next time!


Why You Should Be Juicing Veggies?

In our busy lives, we tend to disregard our healthy lifestyle which readily affects our diet.  Consuming the right servings of veggies every day is often taken for granted. We just don’t like the thought of eating a lot of vegetables every day. As a result, we devoid our bodies from getting the right amount of nutrients extremely needed by our system for an energetic life.  Try to consider juicing your veggies for optimal health benefits. To get the highly extracted information about the top rated juicers, it’s highly recommended to visit here at

Juicing is the process of extracting the juice of fruits and veggies which highly backs up our daily needs of nutrients.  It is one of the best ways that should be included in the preparation of our meal plans as it will lead us to have a radiant life. Consuming the right amount of nutrients from veggies every day is needed to give us an energy boost. Since we really find it hard eating the exact amount of leafy greens and other kinds of veggies every day, it is best to invest in a highly flexible juicer in the market.  Choosing the best juicer will help us fully enjoy the nutrients of veggies without forcing ourselves to take a bite. We just have to sip the produce and enjoy the hearty, fresh juice.

Loading up our body with the right amount of veggies is made easy through juicing. It helps us reach our daily target of vegetables.  This is the process which helps us make a quick glass of vegetable juice on a daily basis. Incorporate this in your family daily nutritional plans and it virtually guarantees that you will readily absorb all the vitamins and minerals in veggies without literally eating them. The right amount of vegetable serving every day will work greatly in your diet and in your weight management plans.

Our bodies need the exact amount of vegetable servings every day. It offers optimal nourishment that is needed for a natural boost of energy on a daily basis. We can’t deny the fact that we need to eat vegetables and juicing is the easiest way to do it without exhausting your jaws and without punishing your taste buds.

Juicing veggies will help us acquire our needed nutritional daily requirements by just sipping the freshly made veggie juice. We know for the fact that vegetables are some of the richest sources of vitamins and minerals. Now, if you don’t like the idea of eating them in whole and in a large amount, well, it is best to consider juicing them for the health.

Yes, I Saw the Precise Cutting Style

Such is the remark of the Sawing Pros. They keep themselves updated of how to maintain the precise and flawless cuts. The whole sharp clan of saws has become a significant part of the civilization. They are amazing cutting tools that woodworkers can’t work without any of them.

using power saws

Furniture maker, woodworker, log cutter, or a simple homeowner found greater ease when using saws. So they highly exclaimed that they made it sure that they would saw the precise cutting style and they made it as flawless as possible. The proper use of saws will expand the woodworking capabilities of operators and enlarge their woodworking repertoire.

Getting the beautiful cuts is made possible by using power saws. They are extremely useful power cutting tools of today. Marvelous wood pieces are some of the products of power saws if they are utilized properly. Nothing beats than being extremely careful in everything we do. Sawing is never a relaxing task. It requires deep concentration and patience. To prevent injury, the operator has to be mindful of safety precautions before doing the task.  One should not force himself to do the task if he is already tired. This is one way of avoiding danger.

The power and precision of the saw must supplement the craft of the experienced woodworker. Power saws complete the wood workshop. Specific power saws are used to make intricate and accurate cuts. The manual labor has to be matched with the most durable brand of power saw to make sure that the woodwork and the cutting styles are precise and desirable.

As a handheld tool, the power saw will be of great value when it is used properly. The machine tools for woodworking and metalworking are of considerable importance in today’s many creative products. They are great products of sincere work. Although they are producing noise and vibrations, they still remain useful as always.  For this, operators are highly advised to wear hearing protection to avoid hearing loss.

using the desirable saw

If you are a creative homeowner who is fond of making DIY home improvements or a wood worker, saws are perfect additions to your array of power tools. Make it part of your tool collection. To ensure precise cutting style, see to it that you are using the power saws accordingly. Be confident in using it by following manufacturing guidelines. They facilitate your woodwork and make it so simple. However, don’t be overconfident because the sawing isn’t that friendly. Take extra care when doing the task.


How is Cooking Made Systematic?

Avid foodies like you deserve a fantastic time in the kitchen. Your cooking expertise is made extraordinary through your tasty creations. Hence, cooking has been made easier and more convenient.  Take a look at our Cooker’s Den as it gives you fresh ideas on how to make cooking exponentially fast and systematic.

pressure cooking

A home cook should embrace fully cooking as a means of bringing together your family and loved ones in the kitchen, sharing stories while eating together with your homemade nutritious meals. Such is a sight to behold. This should be your goal. Make the healthy dishes bridge the gap and gather together your family.  The bottom line of this is cooking. Therefore, cooking should be made systematic as it should relieve you from the bulk of stresses of daily living.

Pressure cooking offers its fantastic technology for your series of cooking inventions and best culinary creations.  It allows you to share your best recipes quickly. There will be no more raised brows, sighing, and sweating of forehead because the pressure cooker will do the cooking for you. All you have to do is it execute perfectly the prepping, observe cleanliness and orderliness, follow instructions and let the pressure cooker do the rest.

A great choice of a pressure cooker will make it sure that cooking is made systematic and will turn out healthy meals. With the pressure cooker, homemade foods are created more efficient than fast food.  It amazingly saves your time and energy.


What makes pressure cooking so incredible is that it maintains the food’s aroma and flavors of your tasty meals. As the water hits the boiling point, steam becomes so excited that they create the high pressure that will cook your delight so quick and thorough.  It’s a delight to home cooking. You can involve your kids in the prepping. Inculcate in them the importance of healthy eating habits.

The cleanup process of the pressure cooker is as easy as the prepping and the cooking. With a pressure cooker, your kitchen will become your territory at home.  You will spend less time cooking which means you have enough quality time with your family.  The sealed pot works wonders beyond compare. There’s no reason for you not to purchase the most versatile pressure cooker. 

Amazing Technology of Pool Cleaning

automatic pool cleaners

The splashing delight is in your backyard. Owning a swimming pool is awesome. It is indeed delightful to see a backyard, well-landscaped and having a sparkling pool. It gives the accommodating aura of the house itself. It always exudes extraordinary energy. More so, your pool is kept clean and hospitable. Consider checking our website @ The extensive reviews of the automatic pool cleaner will ultimately guide you to select the best  cleaning tool to maintain the sparkling pool. 

A clean pool makes the swimming more conveniently safe. That is why technological advances have touched the overall conditions of swimming pools. Hence, the cleaning has been made easy and more convenient. It should not require insurmountable human work. Let the machine do the cleaning goals. The automatic pool cleaner is indeed a technological gem just as the swimming pool is a spectacular attraction in your heavenly dwelling.

The latest trend in pool cleaning technology makes the cleaning task hassle-free. You can even leave the machine collecting debris and other mess in the pool as long as you know that the machine is functioning well.  There’s no need to manually brush the tiles and the floor of the pool because the automatic pool vacuum is equipped with an impressive active brushing system. The high-performance of the pool cleaners elevates the use of your pool. Hence, it makes the swimming safer and healthier.

automatic pool cleaners

The amazing technology of pool cleaners carefully designs the features of the machine to meet the specific needs of swimming pools. The amazing capabilities of the suction tool make them always wanted. This amazing suction technological advancement ensures a sparkling clean pool designed to meet the challenges of the outdoors.

The cleaning ease  of pool cleaning is highly evident as the machine starts to collect gunk, debris, stains, dust and algae leaving you with a sparkling clean pool ready for fun and all! As a result, the automatic pool cleaner has achieved an impressive growth in technology.   This is such a wonderful innovation in the general cleaning of the pool. The technology of pool cleaning makes you enjoy swimming for you are certain of its best results. Owning a swimming pool is indeed incredibly fantastic. Everything has been made easy for you. This allows you to enjoy swimming all season long.

Rowing Machine –Blasts Calories Out

Row, row, row to the extreme and blast off calories! Try this excellent rowing simulation!

rowing machine

Being not in good shape sucks! Eh, the obesity epidemic so serious? You are stuffed at big package size, the tempting dessert cart, well this is not good. This is pretty alarming if staying fit and healthy is concerned. Change your lifestyle now. Is resisting temptations to avoid weight gain effective enough? Or the keeping out of the gorgeous chocolates would bring back your gorgeous shape? Blast those calories out by engaging in a body workout through rowing machines. For a healthy start, be guided by our rowing machine labs buying guide. See how it works!

Rowing machines give you a parallel authentic experience of rowing without having to step into a boat and paddle in the water. It can give you the best exercise to keep your shape and stay fit. Nevertheless, it is easier said than done. This intensifying exercise demands power, muscular strength, and cardiovascular endurance. The rowing activity makes your entire body work.

The best way to burn most calories is through rowing machine. Rowing machines have become popular as the best workout. As what health enthusiasts have discovered, rowers are possibly the most effective fitness tool.

Rowing machines will give a low-impact full body workout which is really needed to torch out fats accumulated from extravagant overeating.  Nonetheless, if you are a beginner, you have to educate yourself on how the machine works and how to do the exercise properly. Incorrect use of rowing machines may cause injury.

About 210 calories for a 125-pound individual will get burned when rowing at a moderate pace for 30 minutes. This is according to Harvard Health Publications.  Just imagine the bigger number of calories burned through vigorous rowing. Hence, just continue the row, row, row to the extreme.

rowing machine

A rowing machine will give you the most bang as you get into your way of burning calories. The rowing schemes will have the calorie-burning effects if it is properly done.  Cardio machines have to be properly used for it deals with multiple movements. Knowing the amazing effects of rowing machines in your full-body workout, you should intensify your time in rowing.

Aside from the length of time, the speed of rowing and the level of resistance the machine is set for will determine the number of calories you will burn.

With rowing machine low-impact cardio workout, you can blast your calories fast. This is a must so your good shape will last longer. Anyway, staying fit and healthy is a choice.It’s an ultimate change of lifestyle. So, make the best choice now!

Top Archery Games from Google Play

Picking a great compound bow or the good ole longbow for a long awaited archery lesson is not in the top of your priorities and budget right now. Sad, eh?

Don’t worry because there is this famous thing called Google Play. You can download and play archery games with less or no cost at all. Sure, these games are nothing compared with the real stuff. But still, the uninhibited fun and good times you will have would make these games worth your time and phone MB.

Google Play

  1. Archery Master 3D (Freeware)

Archery Master delivers polished animation and 3D graphics with over 100 addictive levels in normal mode. This is fairly simple to use as it only requires intuitive controls. The aim of this game is to shoot arrows at targets set at various distances to earn coins, additional arrows, and upgrades. Archery Master also enables 1-on-1 competition with real players worldwide in online mode.

  1. Archery Champion: Bow Sport 3D (Shareware)

Archery Champion features realistic archery experience with over 40 levels. Players will enjoy its pine and rain forest locations with targets set at varying distances. If you want an archery simulation game, this will be the best option as it also involves wind factor in the game.

Simply tap and hold the screen to stretch the bow and aim. Be quick to release the arrow since the bow starts shaking when stretched for too long. The bow reloads arrows automatically, so you can focus on aiming the targets.

  1. Tiny Archers (Freeware)

Tiny Archers lets you shoot arrows at goblin armies using three characters: human, dwarf, and fairy. This features 3 different stories with more than 70 tower defense levels as well as diverse locations such as elven cities, dwarf mines, valleys, and forests. You will be able to unlock magic arrows, abilities, and character upgrades as you move up the story game.


Why go with a spotting scope with rangefinder?

When you buy a spotting scope with rangefinder, you will always be sure that you would have a good deal when looking for the best quality even as you make your decision on what you need. How can you make your choice? The following are some of the information that will enable you understand the best deals when buying.

spotting scope

Why choose a spotting scope with rangefinder?  

It is also simple to use when compared to others that you can buy from the market when making your choice. When you buy it, you will always find it very easy especially when using it thus making it among the best deals you would need when making your choice right. Many buyers who have used it have always been able to make their choices especially when acquiring the best deals in the market. This is certainly great when you’re reading reviews for spotting scopes.

A spotting scope with rangefinder exists in the market in a wide range of options when making your choice. When you want to buy one from the market, you will have all the information that will enable you get the best deals in the market. Most of the buyers who have followed these routes have been able to make their choices especially when getting the best spotting scope with a rangefinder. You will ultimately be sure that you would make your choice when looking for these deals in the market.

They are durable when compared to others that you can get when buying. When you choose them, you will get a durable spotting scope with a rangefinder thus making sure that you have the deals you would need when making your decision right even as you buy from the shopping outlets. The buyers have been getting all that they need when making their choices online.

The cost of buying spotting scope with rangefinder is affordable when buying as opposed to others that you can buy from a given market. When you choose these deals, you will always know that you would have these deals when making your ultimate choice. For the buyers who have bought it from the market, you will always have the facts right when making your choice easily especially when making your decision right. When you research well on the market, you will get spotting scope with a rangefinder thus making you get a good deal online.

In conclusion, the above are reasons why you need to choose a spotting scope with a rangefinder when making your ultimate decision from the market. 


Sometimes Life Just Wants You Down

We all know the feeling. That feeling when we feel like our life is being annoyed by so many annoyances, and it really is tiring to have so many things happen right after eachother. I had created some updates for this blog that I was so ready to publish. However, because of my Dropbox decides to remove and format all its data I am now stuck in this annoyance of a situation. It is really pissing me off how today has been going. I managed to get on first page of 9gag with this  post. However, it got removed because some of the admin of 9gag were corrupt and this is really an annoying process to go through.

When it couldn’t get worse….

Then my computer starts making an annoying sound I quickly turn it off to realize that my ssd has been destroyed because of its age. And now I am browsing some SSD tests to determine which ones I am looking for. Could this day be any worse.