Simple Digg like pagination solution with JQuery for Umbraco XSLTs



I wanted to implement Digg like pagination in one of my recent project with Umbraco XSLT lists and I have done it using the pretty JQuery plugin available here

Please note that its not an SEO friendly solution since the pagination is completely relied on JQuery and will not be available if the JavaScript is turned off.. as an alternative for search engines/no-javascript browsers I have added a simple Next Previous navigation inside a <noscript> tag..


  1. Download and include the jquery.pagination.js and pagination.css in your template
  2. Open jquery.pagination.js and comment line 123 ( //$(‘a’, fragment).click(eventHandler); ) .. Alternatively you can download the altered JQuery plugin from here.
  3. Follow the code sample below or download the XSLT sample- comments are added in each line. If you have any doubts let me know through the comments


Top Archery Games from Google Play

Picking a great compound bow or the good ole longbow for a long awaited archery lesson is not in the top of your priorities and budget right now. Sad, eh?

Don’t worry because there is this famous thing called Google Play. You can download and play archery games with less or no cost at all. Sure, these games are nothing compared with the real stuff. But still, the uninhibited fun and good times you will have would make these games worth your time and phone MB.

Google Play

  1. Archery Master 3D (Freeware)

Archery Master delivers polished animation and 3D graphics with over 100 addictive levels in normal mode. This is fairly simple to use as it only requires intuitive controls. The aim of this game is to shoot arrows at targets set at various distances to earn coins, additional arrows, and upgrades. Archery Master also enables 1-on-1 competition with real players worldwide in online mode.

  1. Archery Champion: Bow Sport 3D (Shareware)

Archery Champion features realistic archery experience with over 40 levels. Players will enjoy its pine and rain forest locations with targets set at varying distances. If you want an archery simulation game, this will be the best option as it also involves wind factor in the game.

Simply tap and hold the screen to stretch the bow and aim. Be quick to release the arrow since the bow starts shaking when stretched for too long. The bow reloads arrows automatically, so you can focus on aiming the targets.

  1. Tiny Archers (Freeware)

Tiny Archers lets you shoot arrows at goblin armies using three characters: human, dwarf, and fairy. This features 3 different stories with more than 70 tower defense levels as well as diverse locations such as elven cities, dwarf mines, valleys, and forests. You will be able to unlock magic arrows, abilities, and character upgrades as you move up the story game.


Why go with a spotting scope with rangefinder?

When you buy a spotting scope with rangefinder, you will always be sure that you would have a good deal when looking for the best quality even as you make your decision on what you need. How can you make your choice? The following are some of the information that will enable you understand the best deals when buying.

spotting scope

Why choose a spotting scope with rangefinder?  

It is also simple to use when compared to others that you can buy from the market when making your choice. When you buy it, you will always find it very easy especially when using it thus making it among the best deals you would need when making your choice right. Many buyers who have used it have always been able to make their choices especially when acquiring the best deals in the market. This is certainly great when you’re reading reviews for spotting scopes.

A spotting scope with rangefinder exists in the market in a wide range of options when making your choice. When you want to buy one from the market, you will have all the information that will enable you get the best deals in the market. Most of the buyers who have followed these routes have been able to make their choices especially when getting the best spotting scope with a rangefinder. You will ultimately be sure that you would make your choice when looking for these deals in the market.

They are durable when compared to others that you can get when buying. When you choose them, you will get a durable spotting scope with a rangefinder thus making sure that you have the deals you would need when making your decision right even as you buy from the shopping outlets. The buyers have been getting all that they need when making their choices online.

The cost of buying spotting scope with rangefinder is affordable when buying as opposed to others that you can buy from a given market. When you choose these deals, you will always know that you would have these deals when making your ultimate choice. For the buyers who have bought it from the market, you will always have the facts right when making your choice easily especially when making your decision right. When you research well on the market, you will get spotting scope with a rangefinder thus making you get a good deal online.

In conclusion, the above are reasons why you need to choose a spotting scope with a rangefinder when making your ultimate decision from the market. 


PlayStation Network: Is it worth it?


Way back in the late 2002, the world of the console video games has changed when Microsoft and Sony launched their networks suited for online gaming on PlayStation 2 as well as Xbox Platforms. These were not the very first consoles to connect right to the internet. Sony was quite organized with its own networked offering. In the year 2002, the company announced a great strategy to launch its own network adapter around the same time as the Xbox Live. However, if you do have a way to get access to PlayStation Network Plus for free, then go ahead and use it.

The PlayStation 3 by Sony was launched along with brand new PSN or PlayStation Network, which in the first place included the downloadable content from PlayStation Store. Again, PlayStation Network was free. On the other hand, it lacked in the core functionality, which made Xbox Live very engaging. But today, PSN has been consistently improving and updating since the launch of PS3 in the year 2006. Everything about the said platform has gotten even better. This makes PSN really worth it.

There are systems that can connect to PSN: PlayStation 3 (Sony’s home console) and PlayStation Portable (handheld system). In the year 2012, the list expanded to include PSP’s follow up – the Vista. When the company launches the successor to PlayStation 3, it will be able to connect to the PSN as well.

Connecting to PSN on PS3 is very simple. XrossMediaBar or XMB, the dashboard navigation system of the console, mainly provides access to the network settings needed to get the system online. This process is very simple as connecting Ethernet cord from the router to PlayStation 3, or even configuring the console in order to connect to Wi-Fi network. With the internet connectivity enabled, the next step is to navigate to PlayStation Network section of XMB and then create free account. This primarily requires valid e-mail address as well as unique ID online. Once you have registered and logged in into PSN, you now have an access to everything.

PSP users who are connected to PlayStation Network have the freedom to play games wirelessly with their own friends and access PlayStation Store. Sony has consistently made PlayStation gaming even more accessible. This will definitely give the gamers an assurance to have best gaming experience more than what they expect. This really makes PSN worth it. If you want to stay connected with other gamers out there, register now to PSN and get ready to get what you are aiming for.


Sometimes Life Just Wants You Down

We all know the feeling. That feeling when we feel like our life is being annoyed by so many annoyances, and it really is tiring to have so many things happen right after eachother. I had created some updates for this blog that I was so ready to publish. However, because of my Dropbox decides to remove and format all its data I am now stuck in this annoyance of a situation. It is really pissing me off how today has been going. I managed to get on first page of 9gag with this  post. However, it got removed because some of the admin of 9gag were corrupt and this is really an annoying process to go through.

When it couldn’t get worse….

Then my computer starts making an annoying sound I quickly turn it off to realize that my ssd has been destroyed because of its age. And now I am browsing some SSD tests to determine which ones I am looking for. Could this day be any worse.